Sky Dinosaurian Square is a location in Jet Set Radio Future. You are led here by the Noise Tanks and NT-3000 (Which Cube revealed him to be a Noise Tank) and you must defeat them in a game of Tagger's Tag.

It contains a dinosaur-themed amusment park, with one suspended roller coaster and one roller coaster under construction, both of which are grindable. This is the only playable part of the level, but it also houses many people.

How to get here is by taking the train tracks in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.

Unlockable Character

By completing all the Test Runs in this area with a 'Jet' ranking, you unlock NT-3000 as a playable character.


  • Sky-Dinosaurian Square contains 9 Graffiti Souls, unlike all other levels, which normally have 8.
  • The red coaster track (the finished one) awards normal points, but the unfinished green tracks are "multiplier" rails (they give 500 points instead of 10).