Beat grinding up a Staircase.

Shibuya Terminal is the third area the player travels to in Jet Set Radio Future. Here, you first meet Poison Jam and have to cover up their "Nasty Graffiti."

The player can unlock Combo here by completeing his grinding rail challenge, which is done as soon as the last Poison Jam graffiti is covered up with your own. Them, you face the Rokakku Police, but this time Captain Hayashi is involved.

Later in the game, the player must return to Shibuya Terminal to face Gouji and his Tower, and you fight two Zero Beats in a game of Tagger's Tag.

By earning a 'Jet' ranking on all of the Test Runs for Shibuya Terminal, Zero Beat is unlocked as a playable character.

The level consists of mostly bus terminals and large areas of open pavement. Shibuya Terminal has connections to the Garage, Dogenzaka Hill, Hikage Street and two connections to Chuo Street . The pair of Shibuya-Chuo connections is the only one of its type in the game.


  • The level is somewhat notorious for the "Platforms" Street Challenge. To complete the Street Challenge, you need to jump on each of the 13 green bus terminal platforms without touching the ground (wallrides and grinding is allowed). What makes the challenge so frustrating is that the game sometimes doesn't register when you land on a platform, not to mention the fact that the ramps on 3 of the platforms count as "ground".
  • In Jet Set Radio the first level is set in Shibuya Bus Terminal, as is the tutorial.