Highway Zero is an area of Jet Set Radio Future. It can be accessed from The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.

When the player first enters the area, it will show a cutscene of The Immortals, with a falsely trapped YoYo inside of a cage. Then the player will participate in another game of Tagger's tag. When the player tags all of The Immortals' backs, a cutscene will show the cage trapping the player, causing the false YoYo to escape. The player is taken to The Future Site Of Rokkaku Expo Stadium afterwards.

In this area, the player fights the leader of The Golden Rhinos, who fights you with a flamethrower. The player must spray her in the back. Once the player defeats her, it will show a cutscene where she is deluged in flames, and her out-of-control flamethrower's flames reaching toward a billboard, which catches fire and then falls onto her, killing her.

The mystery tape in this area is located in the mall area, in the middle of some stalls.

You can unlock the Noise Tanks here by getting a Jet rank on every test runs.
Highway zero

highway zero mall area

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