A Graffiti Soul as they look in JSRF.

A Graffiti Soul is a collectible that can be found on the streets of Tokyo-to in both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. Once collected, a Graffiti Soul will unlock a pre-made graffiti. In Jet Set Radio, that is all there is to them.

In JSRF, once you collect all the Graffiti Souls in an area, you unlock the Test Runs for the area, and, upon completion of those, the hidden character for that area. Furthermore, not all Graffiti Souls are available in the level from the very beginning. To make the other Graffiti Souls appear, you need to find the Mystery Tape in the area, then once you have collected it, complete 5 challenges.



  • In Jet Set Radio Future, there are 8 Graffiti Souls to be found in each area, with the exception of Sky-Dinosaurian Square, which has 9. This was done to round out the amount of Graffiti Souls to exactly 140.
  • Sme graffiti is not unlocked through Graffiti Souls; they become available once you unlock the corresponding character (i.e., you need to unlock Poison Jam to unlock Poison Jam's signature graffiti).
  • In Jet Set Radio HD, if all of the Graffiti Souls are obtained, you are rewarded with the achievement "I Got Soul".

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