Artwork of DJ Professor K from Jet Set Radio.

DJ Professor K is the DJ for Jet Set Radio, Tokyo-to's premier pirate radio station. He is one of the most important, if not the most important character in all games in the Jet Set Radio series, often serving as narrator to the story and speaking between missions.

Professor K is also a playable character, but only in Jet Set Radio Advance.


Jet Set Radio

DJ Professor K narrates most of the game's story (with Combo narrating the flashbacks in Chapter 2). His broadcasts are also one of the only sources of information about the events and characters in the game. He often talks between missions, serving as comic relief at the same time.

At the end of the game, Professor K is told by someone off-screen that they don't believe the story he just told actually happened. His comment on this is a vague "Okay, okay, sure".

Jet Set Radio Advance

In this Game Boy Advance port of Jet Set Radio, Professor K plays the exact same role as he did in the original. However, once the Final Stage is beaten, Professor K can be chosen as a playable character. He is located between Garam and Beat on the character selection screen (you can't see him dancing like the other characters, only his picture appears).

Jet Set Radio Future

In Jet Set Radio Future, his role as narrator and comic relief in cutscenes is similar to his role in the first game. However, he also contacts the GG's with mission information while out on the streets. At one point, he gets more directly involved in the story's events when he is kidnapped by the Golden Rhinos.



DJ Professor K in Jet Set Radio Future.

In Jet Set Radio, Professor K is a dark-skinned man with orange lips, his wild dark brown hair styled into five large dreads that move along with the beat of the songs he plays. He has a goatee of the same color. Also notable are his gold-coloured nose ring on the left nostril, shades with bright blue lenses, and the yellow letter "K" on his forehead. He is always seen wearing a white shirt with what looks like a black tie in a zigzag shape. He also wears gold rings on both index fingers.

In Jet Set Radio Future, his design was radically altered. He now has far shorter, white hair, in a less cartoonish hairstyle that still has 5 dreads, along with a white goatee, perhaps suggesting he is older. He now wears a black shirt and pants. His shades are gold, as are the bracelet and necklace he has now. He still has the "K" on his forehead, although it's color has been changed to red, and it looks more like a tattoo than it did before.

In-Game Statistics

Jet Set Radio Advance

Power - Maximum

Technique - High

Graffiti - Very High

Appearances in other games

Sega Superstars Tennis

Professor K appears as a spectator on the Jet Set Radio-themed court.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing

Though Professor K does not make a direct appearance, Beat (who is a playable character) mentions him multiple times, including when activating his All-Star move, where he says: "Spin the beat, Professor K!".

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Professor K can be seen standing in the background of the Graffiti City stage. True to the games he comes from, he commentates on the races on this stage, using lines from Jet Set Radio Future, mainly from the Death Ball chapter, as you progress through the track. He also appears on an unlockable sticker.



  • The song playing during Professor K's broadcasts in Jet Set Radio is called Funky Radio.
  • The song playing during his broadcasts in Jet Set Radio Future is called Ill Victory Beat.
  • In Jet Set Radio's files, Professor K has most of which are just outtakes/alternate recordings of lines in the final game. Interestingly, two of the voice clips (one in Japanese, one in English) are ones reminiscent of a freestyle rap.
    • The aforementioned freestyle rap had parts of it included in the GBA version of the game