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Boogie appears in both Jet Set Radio (As Piranha) and Jet Set Radio Future. You recruit her in Kibogaoka Hill in Jet Set Radio Future, and in Jet Grind Radio you recruit her by succesfully

Boogie in Jet Set Radio.

completing her challenge.


Boogie, or Piranha as she's known in Jet Set Radio, is a dark skinned curvy girl from Kibogaoka Hill. She wears a white, short sleeve, very low cut, midriff baring too, with red stars over her nipple area, and a larger one on her back, centered between her shoulder blades. Completing her outfit are white tight fitting bell bottomed white pants, with red stars at the ankles. She keeps her dark brown hair in a ponytail tied high on her head, allowing her long curls to dangle behind the red lensed goggles she wears on her forehead. She wears bright green gloves with dark green cuffs, and her skates are two toned grey, with yellow frame rails, and grey wheels.

In Jet Set Radio Future, her appearance undergoes a significant change. Her once dark brown hair is now blonde, held back with a blue headband, which allows her ponytail of long curls to dangle freely. Her white outfit is replaced by a low cut skin-tight, midriff baring orange top, with dark grey sleeves which have katakana characters going down them. There are yellow stars over her nipple area and between her shoulder blades. Her pants are also orange and snug fitting, ending in a flare just below the knee. There are what appears to be yellow pouches strapped to either hip, and a yellow trim to her pants. Her gloves have since become two toned blue/blue grey, as have her skates, which now sport red wheels.

Acquiring Boogie

In Jet Set Radio Future, Boogie is first found, and can be recruited, in Kibogaoka Hill. As soon as you enter the area with stairs before the large power lines, Boogie will appear at the top of the structure and a timer will start.You must reach and talk to her before time runs out, at which point she'll say that you're pretty good and will join you. You are given 20 seconds to reach her. To do so you must grind and make a few jumps, otherwise it is impossible to reach her in time. If you do not make it in time, she jumps off the ramp behind her and grinds away, not to be seen again unless you trigger her appearance again.

Trademark Graffiti



Pirahna's Graffiti from Jet Set Radio

Piranha's Small Graffiti. "Piranha" in magenta bubble letters.


Piranha's Large Graffiti. "Grab On" in wavy magenta letters.

PIRANHA - Goof-off!

Piranha's Extra-Large Graffiti. "Piranha" in yellow bubble letters with faces.

In-Game Statistics

Jet Set Radio


Boogie in Jet Set Radio Future.

Power - Very High

Technique - Average

Graffiti - Maximum*

Jet Set Radio Future

Stamina Very High*
G-Stamina Above Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Above Average
Acceleration Average
Cornering Above Average
Grind Very High*
  • The star (*) notates this Rudie's highest skill(s).
  • Has the same stats as Garam and Doom Riders.

Appearences in other games

Sega Superstar Tennis

She appears as a spectator in Jet Set Radio level.


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